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Make 3D Printable Mounting Parts for SG90 Series – Arm Version (STL file available!)

The data is distributed at “STL Files Available”!

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Previous mounting parts for SG90 series

Previous Article

Previously, I created a part that can mount a servo motor of TowerPro SG90 series. I have made it available as STL files that can be easily 3D printed if you like!

Mounting parts for SG90 series Arm Ver.

In the previous article, I created a part that can fix the SG90 series servo motor horizontally. (Figure 1 and 2)

Figure 1: SG90, SG90-HV and SG92R. These dimensions are the same.
Figure 2: Previously created, SG90 series mounting parts: Horizontally fixed ver.

Since there is only one hole on each side of the SG90 body, it may not be secure enough when firmly fixed. Therefore, I decided to cover the SG90 as a whole, while increasing the number of fixing points.

This time I further added an arm-like part to create a part that can be fixed in another direction.

Here are the mounting parts for the arm ver! (Figure 3 and 4)

Figure 3: Model of SG90 series mounting parts arm ver.
Figure 4: Printed parts

This time it is made up of three parts: the main base part, the cover, and the arm. Here is how it looks in operation. The arm part has mounting holes for M2 screws, and the base part has holes for M2 screws for fixing.

Printing with a 3D printer

Let’s take a look at printing with a 3D printer.

First is the base part. (Figure 5)

Figure 5: Base Part Model

From the viewpoint of strength and support material removal, I recommend printing in the direction shown in Figure 6.

Figure 6: Printing direction of base part

Next is the cover part. It is OK to print in the direction that increases the contact area. (Figure 7)

Figure 7: Printing direction of cover part

Finally, the arm part. For the arm part, as well as the others, I recommend printing in the direction shown in Figure 8 from the standpoint of strength and support material removal.

Figure 8: Printing direction of arm part

The actual printout is shown in Figure 9. I printed this using Zortrax M200 Plus.

Figure 9: Actual printing. By printing in this orientation, the support is not created in a narrow space and is easy to peel off. It is also more stable in terms of strength.

Zortrax M200 Plus: eBay


Next, let’s look at the assembly.

First, fit the SG90 or a servo of the same dimensions into the base. (Figure 10)

Insert an M2 nut from the back side of the base (Figure 11 left), cover and secure with an M2, 15 mm screw. (Figure 11 right)

Figure 10: Put SG90 in the base.
Figure 11: (Left) Insert M2 nuts from behind the base (Right) Secure the cover with M2, 15mm screws

Next, attach the arm. First, place the servo arm with the hole in it over the moving part of the servo motor. Then, insert the convex part of the other side of the arm into the hole in the base. The arm should be inserted while spreading it out a little. (Figures 12 and 13)

Figure 12: (Left) The rotating part of the servo is covered with the part of the arm with the hole in it (Right) The convex part on the opposite side of the arm is placed in the concave part of the base.
Figure 13: Arm attached

Finally, attach the servo horns that come with the servo motor. (Figures 14 and 15)

The installation of the servo motor is now complete!

Figure 14: (Left) Attach the servo horn to the hole in the arm (Right) Fasten the servo with the screws provided.
Figure 15: Screws installed

There are four fixing holes on the arm and the base, which can be fixed with M2 screws. (Figure 16)

Figure 16: Four fixing points on the base and arm, which can be fixed with M2 screws

STL Files Available

STL files of the mounting parts created in this article are available below. Please feel free to use them!

SG90 Series Universal Holder Arm Type

Thingiverse, GrabCAD, Cults

The positions and dimensions of the fixing holes are shown in Figure 17.

Figure 17: (Left) Location of holes at the bottom of the base (Right) Location of holes in the arm

Compatible servo motors are listed below. Other servo motors can be used as long as they have the same dimensions as these.

SG90: eBay AliExpress

SG92R: eBay AliExpress

For the latest status, check here.